The retail market is changing faster than ever, but the value of service, speed, convenience and novelty remains constant.

To remain successful in the future, we must invest in technologies that enable us to meet these qualities and better serve customers in a digitally connected world.

Brian Gill, technology senior vice president, Nordstrom

We can help your organization achieve its objectives

Few industries have seen as much disruption as retail: new and innovative marketing models and advanced technologies are changing the structure of the market, supported and seduced by new technology platforms. Millennials have destroyed traditional consumption models, "On-line" is now the global sales leader.

More than 10,000 retail outlets will close by 2020 in the US alone, and shop footfall has begun to decline by double digits in recent years.

According to an MIT survey of global CEOs, 90% believe that the Digital Transformation phenomenon will have a disruptive impact on their companies, but less than 30% are taking forceful, transformative action in their organizations.

This is where Qualtop Group becomes a valuable technology partner.

We put innovation at the heart of everything we do, and help our Retail Clients prepare their businesses to meet the challenges and ensure sustainability and projected growth.

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