The global transformation to new business models, the exponential increase in the capabilities to exploit information, and the consistent transition of operations to the Cloud, have boosted the demand for services to the IT sector.

We can help your organization achieve its objectives

At the same time, the rapid adoption of new consumer habits, due to the rapid adoption of e-commerce, has forced organizations to redesign their business models, consequently affecting all their critical processes, with special emphasis on logistics, marketing, production and administration.

In this scenario, the IT industry faces the challenge of responding to the needs of its customers quickly and efficiently, maintaining quality and anticipating potential demand with strategic vision.

This is where Qualtop Group becomes a valuable technology partner.

We help leaders in the ICT Sector to scale capabilities in an agile and flexible manner, allowing them to focus their efforts on strategy and attention to their projects and contracts, all in full compliance with our Clients' policies and processes.

With this philosophy as a strategic guideline, we are integrated into the supply chains of the most important global companies in IT Services, contributing our experience in:

  • Scalability of product development and engineering capabilities
  • Enhancing operational agility by helping organizations leverage the benefits of Cloud platforms
  • Re-engineering, definition and implementation of critical business processes
  • Talent recruitment, assessment and selection
  • Specialisation in cutting-edge technology platforms


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